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Amyra Foods

Amyra Himalayan Honey

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Pure Himalayan Wild Forest Raw Honey - NMR Passed | Unprocessed | Unpasteurized | No Added Sugar

How To Use

Take 1 tea spoon with luke warm water or milk. It can be a great replacement for sugar. 

  • 100% Pure Raw Natural Bee Honey (Multi Flora). Our honey is Unpasteurized, Unprocessed, and Unheated. No added artificial flavour, added sugars, additives or colours
  • Why Amyra Honey: Honey Contains natural antioxidants which help build immunity. A rich source of nutrition for you and your family
  • Uses: Serves as a natural sweetner in tea, coffee and breakfast cereals. 
  • Benefits: Raw Honey has effective anti-cough, anti-flu, anti-cold, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory medicinal properties It contains all naturally occurring antioxidants, pollen, enzymes, vitamins, and natural minerals
  • Our key focus is to provide natural honey which can also be eaten by diabetic patients.

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