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Amyra Foods

Amyra A2 Ghee Made From Bilona Method

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Amyra A2 Ghee made of pure Cow milk with the nutrient-preserving ‘Bilona Churning Process’ is superior in quality and nutrition content compared to ordinary ghee. A2 milk has optimum levels of OMEGA 3 and OMEGA 6 fatty-acids which is beneficial in making the brain, heart, nervous system and eyes healthier. OMEGA 3 and 6 have been known to reduce risk of neurological problems such as ADHD and other behavioural problems in growing children. It is also helpful in reducing blood pressure and blood cholesterol levels.

How to Use

Take a teaspoon with lukewarm milk every morning, apply on tawa-fresh rotis, or spread on bread! A2 Ghee can also be used in desserts and as a natural replacement for cooking oil.


Boosts brain functions, improves strength and stamina, nourishes nervous systems, beneficial in improving vision, maintains heart health.


A2 Ghee made from grass-fed Gir Cow milk.