Why Yearly Subscriptions

Earlier every farmer used to have a large chunks of land and through which they were able to earn good money. Over a period of time what happened was the land got divided into multiple family members through generations. So on an average today a farmer has a very small piece of land and thereby and not able to make enough money to meet ends. So the capacity to increase also is not feasible.

At Amyra farms we aim to provide that opportunity to the farmer by helping them financially to be able to buy the live stock or the infrastructure required to scale. Through this economies of scale the capital cost reduces for a farmer and the farmer is also assured of guaranteed buy. 

To give an example a GIR cow costs anywhere between 50000 to 100000 depending on the few factors like age and how milk is being given. So here we help them buy a cow. On an average the farmer gives us a certain portion of ghee and the rest is sold at a price in the open market. 

This provides an opportunity for not only the customer to get a good quality product at a cheap price but it also gives an opportunity to the farmer to make money.

Its a win win situation for every one here.