Pet Scan Cytecare Cancer Hospital Bangalore

Types of PET-CT Scan

Your doctor will advise you which tracer is best for your PET CT Scan. The following PET Scan tracers and protocols are available with Cytecare

  • Whole Body PET Scan: This is the most common scan and comprises 90% of all PET Scan..
  • For Prostate: PSMA (Prostate Specific Membrane Antigen) PSMA PET CT Scan. PSMA is better at localizing cases of Prostate Cancer as compared to Whole Body FDG PET Scan.
  • For Neuro Endocrine Tumors: DOTA PET-CT San DOTA is better at localizing cases of NETs (Neuro Endoctine Tumors) as compared to Whole Body FDG PET Scan.
  • For Abdomen: Whole Body FDG PET-CT with Triple Phase CT Upper Abdomen
  • For Cardiac Viability Assessment: Cardiac PET-CT (FDG PET CT Scan + Cardiac Test Component on a Gamma Camera)

Preparation for PET-CT Scan

  • Fasting: 4-6 hours of fasting is required. Overnight fasting is preferred. During the period of fasting only plain water is allowed.
  • Ongoing Medication: Kindly inform us about any ongoing medications for you may require a special preparation for your examination.
  • Advise for Diabetics for Whole Body PET CT Scan: Diabetic patients should have light breakfast at 6:00 am on the day of test, and must take the advised prescription. It is important not to miss the diabetic medication in the morning of the test date. Please inform us about your diabetic prescription for us to plan the needful for your test.
  • Creatinine And Urea Tests: It is mandatory to have blood test levels for Serum Creatine and Urea checked before the examination. Incase a high value of creatinine, please approach us to connect you with our doctor, for further advice
  • Clinical Records: While coming for PET scan please carry all your relevant medical records for reference (Doctor’s prescription, previous CT/MRI films along with reports, treatment summary, discharge papers, surgery details, biopsy / post surgery histopathology reports etc). Submission of such clinical records helps doctors to work-up and identify your case-specific diagnostic detailing.
  • Old Records: If a prior PET scan has been performed, kindly do not forget to bring DICOM version in a CD and reports. Without CD of the previous PET scan, comparison for measuring improvement or deterioration of cancer will not be possible.

Time Taken for the PET CT Scan

The entire PET CT Scan procedure takes around 3-4 hours. Scanning time per se is approximately 30-45 mins de-pending upon the clinical conditions.

    • Verification of Documents: After reaching the location at your specified Time the reception staff verifies your documents are complete. Please ensure that you carry your hospital records and previous scan reports and images to enable the best case detailing for yourself. If not done in the past dew days, the mandatory Creatine and Urea Blood Test are conducted for your test.
    • Checking Vitals: After obtaining the Creatine and Urea, technical Team will then check the patient’s vitals, to rule out common problems such as a fever, and then conduct an Blood Glucose Test on the spot for FDG PET Scan cases to ensure your viability for the scan.
  • Administration of the Tracer: Your PET Tracer will next be administered, and you will be given oral contrast to drink and wait till the medicine gets absorbed by the body.
  • PET CT Scan Conducted: You will have to lie down still in the machine for a few minutes and follow the Nuclear Physicist’s instruction for the PET CT scan.
  • IV Contrast and PET CECT Scan: Unless contrast is contra-indicated or creatinine is observed to be high, IV Contrast will then be injected via a Pressure Injector for CT Contrast. After Contrast is Injected, the PET-CT Scan with contrast is conducted.
  • Additional Sequencing (If Required): In cases such as the Whole Body PET-CT with Triple Phase Abdomen or If required by the nuclear physician. You may be required to spend an additional few minutes in the machine after the routine pet scan is conducted for delayed or other phase acquisitions.
  • Wait for Films and a CD: In most cases, your Films and CD will be available within a couple of hours of the scan.
  • Wait for Reports: Since PET-CT Scan is a detailed investigation, our team of doctors will be reviewing and reporting your study within 24-48 working hours. You should get a SMS regarding your report as soon as the PET Scan and Other Tests (if any) is approved.

Advantages of PET-CT

  •  Early detection of disease before the appearance of structural changes.
  •  Accurate staging and re-staging of cancers.
  •  Simultaneous contrast-enhanced 64 slices whole-body CT with metabolic information.
  •  Quantification of tumour metabolism before and after treatment.
  •  Metabolic grading of tumours and prognostication.
  •  Safe for use in patients with chronic kidney disease, metallic implants, pacemakers, etc.