What is Raw Honey?

Honey is nature’s best gift to mankind, this natural sweetener has been used for centuries as a potent nectar extracted from the honeycomb, which has been used for its medicinal properties as well as for its health enriching properties. In fact, honey is so pure that in some traditions it is the first sweet thing given to a new born baby.

Raw honey is the purest form of honey, which is unfiltered, unpasteurized and unprocessed. Honey is a sweet syrup extracted from the honeycomb, which is basically a nectar of flowers collected by the honeybees, which is further stored in the honeycomb by the bees.

The breaking of honeycomb extracted from the beehive results in pouring out of the nectar, which is called raw honey.

People use honey for food and medicine. Humans may have been using honey medicinally for as long as 8,000 years.Raw honey may offer more powerful health benefits, in terms of healing wounds and fighting infections.Because raw honey contains the original natural ingredients without processing, it may be the better choice for people who use honey for health reasons.The best thing about raw honey is that it has a much higher concentration of nutrients as compared to any other form of honey.

Raw honey is undeniably the most nutrient-dense form of honey. Raw honey is enriched with vitamins, minerals, enzymes and antioxidants, which makes the nutritional composition rich. Apart from this raw honey has more than 30 bioactive compounds also known as polyphenols.These antioxidants help in improving the heart health, digestion and helps in reducing edema to name a few. Moreover, the active enzymes help in improving metabolism.
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